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A worldwide group focused on people, renowned for the innovative solutions designed to make life easier: for installers and end users. Our company focuses on people, seeking constant innovation and a global approach to the market. We are committed to collective and individual continual improvement, aiming to make every access suited to the specific needs, with a perfect marriage of product quality and application flexibility. Since 2004 we have been part of the Somfy group, world leaders, receiving the right stimulus to remain one step ahead. With the idea of continuous development in mind, we have also acquired Sacs and O&O, two Italian firms active on the access management and control market; two ideal partners, with product ranges that complement Bft's. SACS provides a multitude of solutions for the creation of any kind of parking area (from professional, integrated systems to single entries), O&O on the other hand is a leader of the access control sector, and in 40 years of experience has developed a complete range, from motorway barriers to type-approved rising bollards, to anti-terrorism devices. It is precisely due to our avant-garde spirit and the great passion underlying our work that for us the future is now, right in the heart of our business, where innovative, easy to use solutions are developed, to be closer to the people who choose them. We are therefore moving swiftly towards ever-new horizons, sure of being able to open all the doors we find along the way.




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